Holger Bartels (Mahatma Padmasambhāva Khalsa Rinpoche Ezechiel) is a humanitarian, global citizen and idealist. He combines his spiritual teachings with his art of Contemplative Photography. Holger is one of the two living reincarnations of Guru Padmasambhāva (Guru Rinpoche) and is Apostle in the grace of Jesus Christ.

Things I die for

Julia Mulder and her heart like gold in a place from nowhere, a magic-knot-moment where I met Francesca Munari, classical Indian music, the Santal culture of West Bengal, Martin Kämpchen and Boro Baski, „Dida“, „Didi“, the soul-blue-butterfly Mary Arose, Okinawa Goju Ryu together with Morio Higaonna, Marin Mountain Bikes, S-WORKS, Bach, Goethe and Johannes-Passion, Gustav Holst and the Planets, my old colleagues from the MPibPC Goettingen esp. Conny Paz, Danial and Atanas Rachev, Fabian Meyer and the whole graphics-group; Dep. for Cellular Logistics and so many from the NMR II, Dep. Jaeckle, Dep. Jovin and others. Apple Macintosh and the whole biography of Steve Jobs, Princess Fiona and the Donkey, Poo and the Furious Five, RE MAN, Espresso, the Golden Temple and Sikh Culture, Sat Nam Rasayan, Atma Singh and Sangheet Singh, a red flag at Fankfurt while having lunch with my old friend Tjong Kit Sién, Bollywood, the JUB and JANUN, Sören Janssen, Mark Hillebrand and Hato: are you with Ursel at the 42 Weekender? The people of India, the Lakota People, Tjong Kit Sién and his Tuishŏu, Ireland, Boulder Co., Dustin O‘ Halloran, Jens Hütmann (Hütty ✝︎), Konny Kaufmann, the Benedicts from Einsiedeln, Master Haku and Chihiro, PhaseOne, #sonyalpha, #minolta, the way of thinking by Manuel Stadlbauer and Olga, Harald Walach and the Ring of Diamond, Charlotte Zenner, The air of Tel Aviv with Anika Weinsdörfer and Adi Bar. Tibetan Buddhism: esp. how a single tibetan buddhist ceremony in Bodhgaya at the Mahabodhi-Temple inspired instantly me to follow my dreams. JuZI Göttingen, π and Ω, Dogon and Dogen, the Bicycle Repairman with the long

EK ONG KAR, my Mother, my Stepfather, a good Chai or Coffee, Zen-Culture, Alissa Everett, the work of Michael Grzimek (✝︎), Lisa Kristine, Muriel Sobiray and the wife of Rama Krishna from Kolkata, Minor White, Sebastiao Saldago, the Hospice St. Martin in Erfurt – Germany, Yves Klein and the Bauhaus Culture, Arvo Pärt, David Sylvian and his Poem „The Secret of the Beehive“, Vinciny and Buttercup, Jaël Lohri Zulauf, @onebouquetperday by Juliane Solvång, Garfield, Orson’s Farm and Asrael, Friends of Caritas Erfurt, Yvonne Schramm, Rue Royale, Thich Nhat Hanh, the work and the courage of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Forbidden Love with Oxygene Part IV by George Michael, the Secret Number Perry Air of my Suitcase, „Hohes C“, the rats of total chaos and the love between Jesus Christ and Maria Magdalena.