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  • On suchness

    If there is only suchness, what else is to describe?


    Following the noble Eightfold Path is leading directly to the three treasures. A rose will open its flower when the morning dew is fresh and the sun is still behind the horizon. Liberation is the result of a very one spontaneous moment.

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    Holger Bartels is Guru Padmasambhāva (Guru Rinpoche) and Saint Marc (Apostle). Read more about Holger Follow FacebookTwitterInstagramYouTube
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    The moment it clicks, we are becoming a little bit more real – in our shared memory. Spontaneity, commitment, compassion, and connection are states of being that arise in me through meditation and contemplation. These attributes seek their expression in my art, in my charitable work, and in the active shaping of my relationships. My…
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