Peace is a choice

War has arrived . Again. And now the war has arrived in the Ukraine.

What can I say? It just makes me speechless. I am feeling sad, and I am grasping for answers. Nothing makes sense anymore.

War in Europe.

I am German and because of our history, we have special relationship to the Ukraine. Germany invaded the Ukraine in World War II. My father was born during the World War II, my mother as well.  Most of my generation are somehow victims because of the World War II.

If we start looking deeply, the suffering from war runs deeply in our veins. It is like a never ending poison. It poisons families, relationships, personal health and much more. It feels like “something is there.” Something is constantly arguing. Like an invisible person between two, it is arguing and wants to have his full attention. “Hello! I am here! I am the pain. I am the pain and I am the anger. I am the grief about loss. I am the pain about loosing relatives. I am the fear to be raped, the pain of smelling death. I am the pain to live in poverty and being lonely.” For many years. “I am the pain of helplessness  and to be to weak to say no.” It wants to have our full attention until it is heard and our wounds are healed. For many generations.

“Facts not cease to exist, because they are ignored”

Are we addicted to suffering? What makes us to choose war, instead of living in peace? We always have the choice to create peace as individuals and as a community. Yet we choose to kill.

The path of liberation from suffering

“Thus there are no entities
And likewise there’s no ceasing of the same.
And therefore beings, each and every one,
Are without origin and never cease.”
The Way Of The Bodhisattva by Shantideva (Page 158, Verse 149)


I startet feeling gratitude when I was a young boy. Me and my parents were visiting the carnival in my hometown. It was crowded and loud. Whispering, laughing, shouting. There were carriages and loud music. I had some candies in my hands and I my attention went to a beggar. He was sitting with his dog aside and was asking for money. Not many people gave him attention. I asked myself: “Why not sharing my candies with him? I have enough of everything! I have every day a good meal, every night I have a warm bead.” I felt gratitude. I felt fear, my parents could argue with me or I would be beaten by my father. I faced my fear and after some moments I shared my candies with the beggar sitting aside during the carnival. It was a powerful experience.

We all have the right to be born safely, live in peace and to live our full potential. Gratitude and compassion are not empty words from ancient times. They are the keys for all of us for a world in peace. They are the keys for success. They can be learned through meditation and contemplation based on insight. When we focus directly on compassion through insight, any negative thought, any negative action will be seen in our light of awareness. We just have no chance to lie to ourselves anymore: “When I remember this particular situation, I created trouble and suffering. I was involved in harming others – and myself! Will I continue?”

War is a choice. Compassion is a choice.

I choose compassion. What is your choice?

Let’s stay tuned on Ukraine.

I wish you a good start into the summer,

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