The Mother near Ram Jhula Bridge

Dear Friends, Namaste.

THIS WE ARE received a translation into Hindi:

Thank you Indra Kumar (Sonu) for your kind and generous help – as always. 🦋 

In 2013 I was attending the RE MAN held by Guru Dev Singh Khalsa near Rishikesh. I was taking a small walk to the Ram Jhula Bridge where I met a mother with her two kids – a daughter and a boy. She was collecting garbage – her main income theses days. After a longer conversation, while she was expressing frustration and anger about her life, the cast-system and the way people perceiving her work, I spent her children a huge meal in a nearby restaurant and gave her my last 20 Euros. The next ATM for me was in Kolkata. RE MAN had started. Today I am thinking of you: You courageous mother near the Ram Jhula Bridge. And thank you for your kind letter you send me several months later.

Love and Light, Holger

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